Artistic Designs and Project Management

If you are looking for a special design for your landscaping needs, you have come to the right place! We also offer complete project management services for the entire installation process – we work with several local landscaping companies as well as specialty builders and can help you choose the best contractors for your project.

We have more than 20 years of international and local experience, in both residential and commercial design-build projects. We take pride in our German-style emphasis on details, integrity, personal service and unique, award-winning designs. Our goal is to provide you with a custom landscape that is beautiful as well as sensible and enhances your personal outdoor living experience in an environmentally responsible way.

Design by Tom Schuster, Installation GWL

Installation Credits:

BMC = Brett Metcalf Company; CCE = Creative Construction & Electric; DLPS = Dan Loose Pools & Spas; GWL = Gail Willey Landscaping; JM = Jerry Mitchell; HLC = Harris Landscape Construction; HSL = Hillside Landscape; LA = LandArt; MN = Moana Nursery; NDSS = Nevada Drywall Stucco & Stone; OLS = Omega Landscape Solutions; OSH = Old Stonehouse; PBP = Pavers By Porter; RAPS = Robert Allen Pools and Spas; RV = Riva Verde; TL = Tahoe Landscaping; TS = Tom Schuster; TTLP = T & T Lawns Plus; WDL = Wild Desert Landscaping; ZB = Zion Builders